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[IP] Medicare and test strips

I also have Medicare as my primary insurance, and I was only able to 
get 250 test strips a month and that was after many many phone calls 
between the supplier and the doctor's office.  I guess they ended up 
billing Medicare for as many as they could and either billing the rest 
to my supplemental insurance (which is actually a full blown health 
coverage) or billing me directly for the difference.  I have never 
paid more than $20 per month for anything because of our policy and 
our deductible.  Different insurances have different limits that they 
will allow.  I have alos been asked on a few occasions to supply the 
insurance company of how much I test.  I had to keep a log for 30 days 
and fax it to them when we first signed for the policy.


Under Medicare B plus a supplemental,  I see that patients on insulin 
allowed 100 BG test strips per 30 days unless a doctor fills out a 
form to ask
for more. Has anyone been able to get more? If so how many, total? 
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