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[IP] Supplies for sick days

I ALWAYS have at least a 20 ounce bottle of Diet 7UP or Sprite in the 
fridge and Saltine crackers in the cupboard.  When I get sick, this 
seems to be the only thing I am able to keep down.  Also Nilla Wafers, 
kinda of bland tasting, but enough carbs to keep the BG at a steady 
level and able to keep them down.   I do not ususally have anyone who 
is home and able to go to the store for me unless my husband can make 
the trip at lunch time (usually not) or have to wait for him to get 
home at night (which is usually too late anyway) so I just keep these 
things on hand at all times.  They are not kept for sick days, it is 
just something that I usually buy when I go to the store and like to 
eat anyway, and just happen to work for me when ill.  YMMV.


Other then normal supplies I have ketone strips and thats about it. 
 When I do get sick I send someone to the store to get me extra drinks 
and whatever I think I may be able to keep down.
 But I dont have a cupboard full of foos and drinks cause I hope to 
not get sick
often enough to use it!! And of course my appetite is never the same 
when sick
so who know's what I can eat
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