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[IP] H-tron Plus tappets

 Hello all:

Three years ago I purchased a Disetronic H-tron plus.  The main reason I got
it was that it was advertised as waterproof or water resistant (I don't care
to mince words.  They told me I could swimm with it). It seemed to work in
the water just fine, as long as the red "tappets" were intalled.  Then
Disetronic dropped its waterproof/water-resistant claims and stopped making
the tappets to discourage people from using the H-tron in the water.

To my thinking, if Disetronic can advertise its pumps as
waterproof/water-resistant for years, then the chances of it leaking are
pretty slim.  I'm willing to take the risk, even if Disetronic is not.
Problem is, my tappets are broken and I can't get replacements.  Can anyone
tell me  where to get some tappets, or offer suggestions?
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