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Subject: [IP] Re: Alcohol

Are people listening? This the 3rd post, besides mine, I've seen about 
something I'd call the alcohol phenomenon!  Which happens when you have a lot 
to drink. Bg can have a big, unexplainable drop. When I tried to explain it I 
was refuted by a cde whose name I shall keep anonymous (I hope she's 
listening)  This a very real phenomonon that occurs when you have alot to 
drink. I think all diabetics who drink should be aware of this. But of course 

Sara, congratulations are figuring out how to handle this. It has taken me 
over 20 years to figure it out that this even occurs. My answer to dealing  
with it is to not drink too much. ie..like food and insulin, where big 
numbers can cause big problems

  From: "Sara Molyneaux" <email @ redacted>
  Subject: [IP] Re: Alcohol
  Before I went on the pump, my biggest problem was the Dawn Phenomenon and
  waking up with sugars of at least 16mmol (288 mg) every day.  The only
  time I would ever see normal numbers in the morning was after a night of
  drinking. Now, I reduce my basal after getting home from the bar
  (betweeen 2-2:30am) for about 5-6 hours, usually by approx. 65%.  For
  example, if I usually take 1.0 units from 3-8am, I'll reduce it to either
  0.3 or 0.4 units for that time.  I also check frequently throughout the
  night and the next morning.  I rarely correct for highs on the actual
  night of drinking since I almost always go low as a result.When I go out
  for the night, which isn't often anymore, I usually have 5-7 drinks.  I
  stick with rye and diet coke as I know exactly how it's going to affect
  when it comes to being intoxicated and when it comes to blood sugars.  I
  should point out I'm only 5 feet tall so, yes, that is a lot to drink for
  one small person but I don't seem to be very sensitive to alcohol.  Also,
  I have learned the hard way to stay away from beer and parties where
  you're more likely to drink a lot.  I had a really bad experience with
  drinking beer at a keg party irresponsibly and ended up in the hospital
  for a week with DKA as a result. Not fun and I don't recommend learning
  about alcohol and diabetes the way I did.    If I choose to have a drink
  that's got sugar in it, I bolus for what I believe is half of the sugar
  content of the drink and then test, test, test.
  If you have any other questions about how I handle a night out, feel free
  to ask.Sara Molyneaux
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