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RE: [IP] Re:sillhouttes


Just based upon my own experience, you may want to consider the Disetronic
Ultraflex infusion set.  It has a standard luer lock connection.  Personally,
I absolutely hated the Silhouette/Tenders.  I'm pretty lean, and had trouble
finding sufficient fatty tissue to insert the Silhouette without hitting
muscle.  Like the Quickset, the Ultraflex also goes in at 90 degrees, is
available with a 6mm cannula, and has a really short introducer needle, plus
it disconnects at the site.  The set is pretty tiny, so I found that I needed
another adhesive (such as Skin Tac) to keep the site from pulling out after a
few days, but it might be worth trying.  They also sell a variety called the
Ultraflex 2 which contains 2 actual sets and 1 line of tubing --
unfortunately, Animas does not re-sell this item, but I think you can order it
directly from Distronic if your insurance co. will work with them.


Dx'd Type 1 9/1976 at age 7, pumping with Animas R1000 since 6/2002 at age 33

Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 01:39:33 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re:sillhouttes

<<Would like to try another infusion set other than the Quicksets,
but he won't try the sillhoutes.   Not sure what else to try........>>


Barbara A. Petzoldt - Pump Mama to Zachary 
email @ redacted
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