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[IP] Pump is eating batteries...

Listmembers....I am curious about what you would do IF suddenly your
MM507C began to consume batteries in a much shorter time than normal.
Not associated with a change in basal or bolus.  Not only using up
batteries BUT wiping out all basal profiles and giving you an E-01 alarm
even if you IMMEDIATELY change the batteries.  I am not sure IF ver soi
appears on the screen OR ver 501 ...BUT one or the other appears.
BTW...batteries FROM MiniMed.

Honestly...IF I do not immediately change batteries I get a NO POWER

My MM507C started doing this on a weekly basis...quite inconvenient and
a tad irritating.
I've owned this pump since 12/98 and it apparently dates back to 1997 as
this date appears when I have to reset the pump. 

Is this something to take to MiniMed...or something to just deal with?

Private reply to:  email @ redacted

Thanks in advance,

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957    
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