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Re: [IP] Whats the best insulin for DFW area?

>I  don't wear a pump yet but am concerned about the hot summer heat in TX.
>I've heard Lilly don't even recommend their insulin for the pumps? I use the
>Humalog Pin now but carry the pin in a cool pack during the summer.So is
>there a problem wearing a pump here in the summer?

No more of a problem here in Dallas than there is in Phoenix.  Lilly 
doesn't "recommend", but plenty of Endos do, that's why 85% of the 
membership uses Humalog.  I'm part of the 8% who uses Novolog.  When 
outside I just try to shade my pump if out for a considerable time. 
Don't know what "cool pack" you use, but if you plan on being in the 
sun, you'll want the Frio Pump Wallet.  You can keep your pen cool in 
it AND you will be able to fit your pump into it once you begin 
pumping.  The link to it is on the IP Links page:


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