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[IP] Re: Alcohol

Before I went on the pump, my biggest problem was the Dawn Phenomenon and
waking up with sugars of at least 16mmol (288 mg) every day.  The only
time I would ever see normal numbers in the morning was after a night of
drinking. Now, I reduce my basal after getting home from the bar
(betweeen 2-2:30am) for about 5-6 hours, usually by approx. 65%.  For
example, if I usually take 1.0 units from 3-8am, I'll reduce it to either
0.3 or 0.4 units for that time.  I also check frequently throughout the
night and the next morning.  I rarely correct for highs on the actual
night of drinking since I almost always go low as a result.When I go out
for the night, which isn't often anymore, I usually have 5-7 drinks.  I
stick with rye and diet coke as I know exactly how it's going to affect
when it comes to being intoxicated and when it comes to blood sugars.  I
should point out I'm only 5 feet tall so, yes, that is a lot to drink for
one small person but I don't seem to be very sensitive to alcohol.  Also,
I have learned the hard way to stay away from beer and parties where
you're more likely to drink a lot.  I had a really bad experience with
drinking beer at a keg party irresponsibly and ended up in the hospital
for a week with DKA as a result. Not fun and I don't recommend learning
about alcohol and diabetes the way I did.    If I choose to have a drink
that's got sugar in it, I bolus for what I believe is half of the sugar
content of the drink and then test, test, test.
If you have any other questions about how I handle a night out, feel free
to ask.Sara Molyneaux


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