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RE: [IP] painful trigger fingers

Hi Linda
My experience with trigger fingers seems different to those who have replied
so far. I have had this with three different fingers and have never
experienced any pain. Inconvenience when a finger locked into place and
required that I straighten it with the other hand, but no pain. Two of these
eventually healed themselves over a period of about 12 months but one had to
be surgically released followed by a few weeks of physiotherapy. Again, no
pain before or after.

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All you people who have had trigger fingers, were they painful? Mine
have always been very painful, and this one that was released last
Thursday (& is still bandaged) is still so. But 3 people I recently met
insisted that theirs were not particularly painful, one that it didn't
hurt at all. And that person was a long-term diabetic (the others were
not diabetic). During the operation, the surgeon pressed the place on
the palm where he would operate. When I winced, he seemed surprised,
and said to the resident something about them getting very painful in
some people, as if they didn't in most.

Linda Z
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