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[IP] re: falling bg's

I have been in that situation- time to lower your basal rate.
<<<<It's no wonder I hate to keep my Bg at 100.  Every single morning when I
up with a good number (100 to 130 for me) it falls rapidly to 65.  All
6 and 9 am.  I'm trying to fix the basals on this one.

Then, call it extreme sensitivity to any "exercise"--if it is 100 to 120 and
do anything, walk around the grocery store, vacuum the house, etc. it falls
65 or lower.  Yesterday I took a garden hose up some outside steps to our
deck, hosed the deck off and was under 50 in a short time. I think this is
my A1C sits up a bit higher, because otherwise I cant seem to function.
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