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[IP] Sleepovers

Just had to add my 2 cents as well.  I understand that this issue is
difficult for parents and I don't assume to be the expert on anyone's
child.  From personal experience, however, I think it is extremely
important that parents teach kids to not be limited by their diabetes. 
The messages you send will come across loud and clear.  I was diagnosed
at 9 and was never denied a sleepover, summer camp trip, etc.  My mom
gave me shots for a few months and then I took over, completely, and
always have had control over things.  I have traveled extensively,
studied abroad several times, and never been afraid to try things.  I
know much more about my diabetes care than my mom or dad ever did (and my
dad was a type 1 as well), I think that if you give kids the opportunity
to take more responsibility, they will.  I made lots of mistakes too, but
they were my own mistakes.  Mostly, I have ne! ver felt like diabetes
defined my life, and generally I do not resent the disease. I know this
is very personal for everyone, I guess it just makes me sad to read some
of these posts.  Kate dx T1 1986, pmpg w/Animas & Novolog since 6/02.


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