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Re: re: [IP] Higher basal rates

 I remember ordering insulin from the pharmacy and I went to pick it up 2 days
later and they looked in the fridge and didn't find it so they checked the draw
an sure enough someone had put it in there and THEY refused to give it to me
they got a new bottle from the fridge to give me becasue it should have been
there - now to tell you the truth I could have cared less cause I'd of used it
up long before the 28 days but its good to know that they care!

Sorry just another pharmacy bragging!!  I love my pharmacy. 
  I phoned once to get a prescription refilled and I said "Hi I'd like to fill a
prescription" they said `hold on a sec Summer I'll bring up your file`! I was
almost scared they knew my VOICE!!! you know I have way to many prescriptions
when they can tell who you are by your voice on the phone!!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Last week I went to buy my insulin (I use humalog) and they had 
> left it
> out over night, it wasn't cold from the fridge, so I refused to 
> buy it.
> They ordered more for me and had it in the next day.  The pharmacist
> told me that I shouldn't be concerned because the insulin can last 
> justfine for 28 days at room temperature.  Well, my contention is 
> that the
> 28 days it lasts is supposed to be from when I opened it and started
> using it, not something for the pharmacy to use as an excuse not 
> to keep
> the insulin refrigerated.  Who knows how the pharmacy has stored the
> insulin or how cool it was kept going from their warehouse to the
> store?????  Some of it is just out of our control.
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