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Re: [IP] painful trigger fingers

    I wish there were not painfull, mine hurt all the time. I'm going on my
7 one, as its to the point I can't sleep. It maybe because I have broken
both of  my hands   27 bones.... baseball...football.... and the two sisters
(one got me for 5 bones) teaching them to ride bikes...softball . Anyway
most times I have had finger fixed... hurt for a week after and then when I
worked(moving) them . After two weeks not a big problem...every now and then
one will be a pain.
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> All you people who have had trigger fingers, were they painful? Mine
> have always been very painful, and this one that was released last
> Thursday (& is still bandaged) is still so. But 3 people I recently met
> insisted that theirs were not particularly painful, one that it didn't
> hurt at all. And that person was a long-term diabetic (the others were
> not diabetic). During the operation, the surgeon pressed the place on
> the palm where he would operate.

When I winced, he seemed surprised,
> and said to the resident something about them getting very painful in
> some people, as if they didn't in most.
This is when my doctor told me I had to get it done :-)

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