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[IP] ignorant doctors

I had outpatient surgery for a trigger finger release last Thursday, 
and was told by my surgeon that I didn't need any medical forms because 
he was only going to use local anesthesia.  In the past, I have gotten 
my private doctor to do any work-ups before surgery, to avoid ignorant 
hospital doctors, like the following:

Just before being taken into the operating room, a doctor walked in, 
picked up my file at the desk, just a few feet away from me, looked at 
me, and I saw him write something on the chart.  Then he came over, 
listened to my heart, and asked me how long I had been diabetic.  I 
said "48 years".  He made some pleasantry, and then, as he was walking 
away, said "I'll change this to 1".  I said what?  He elaborated, "type 
1 diabetes".  I asked him if he had written in my chart that I had type 
2 diabetes, on the basis of looking at me and seeing my age.  He agreed 
that he had, "explaining" to me that type 1 meant juvenile onset (and 
maybe trying to do the math in his head to be sure I really was 
juvenile 48 years ago <gr.>).  I proceeded to try to carefully explain 
that the terminology had been changed to recognize that age of onset 
did not determine which kind of diabetes one had.  He repeated that 
juvenile onset diabetes was type 1, then left.  It did not actually 
affect my treatment in any way, but it sure irritated me.  (I was, of 
course, wearing my pump, but once control is taken away from you, who 
knows what might happen?)

I think the basic problem was the making the judgment of what type of 
diabetes I had on the basis of what age I looked (I am not fat, so I 
don't think that particular prejudice came into it -- though goodness 
knows how he would have reacted to that <gr.>).  Even though he did 
correct his error in my case, I don't think I would have even known 
about it if I was a type 1 who was diagnosed as an adult, or, for that 
matter, a type 1 who was diagnosed as a child but looked older than her 
years to him.

Besides not paying the bill, if I get one that seems to be specifically 
for his services <gr.>, anyone have any suggestions for useful 
responses to this situation?

Linda Z
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