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[IP] Alcohol and BS Levels

The first thing I can remember about my diet and BS levels after I was
diagnosed as diabetic 49 1/2 years ago ,was with beer (and later alcohol) I
could never knew what to expect. To day I am no better at it.
 Now, 49 years ago we could only measure sugar levels in our urine and that
told us that our BS level was exceeding the level when our kidney would start
spill the excess sugar. For most people this would be a BS level of 150 to
170.  This would give us a result that was determined by the color of the test
tube against a color chart as: negative, 1+, 2+, 3+ or 4+ .
I do know that alcohol can make you drunk,  frozen sidewalks are slippery, and
you can have a hang over that may last for a full day after.
 Charles Soders....., T1 since 10/53 at age 19
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