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[IP] How to wear pump with a dress?

I need some advice

 My high school graduation is in about a month and someone decided that it will
look nicer if everyone wears white than if we wear caps and gowns.
This means that I have to wear a white dress.  

 Since I got my pump (Paradigm) almost a year ago, I have been wearing it in my
pants pocket.

 I have tried putting the pump in my stockings, in my underwear, and in the
middle and side of my bra. For the stockings and the underwear the pump was very
visible and for the stockings the pump had slid down my leg in less than 10 min.
With the pump in the side of my bra I felt I couldn't put my arm down, and it
slid around a little. The only way that I was able to wear it without it showing
was in the center of a sports bra. This was okay for the few times I have not
had pants pockets this year (say 5) because I was wearing a skirt with a shirt
under which I could wear a sports bra. I don't have a dress yet but, of those
I've seen, most wouldn't allow me to do this.

 I've been thinking about getting a "thigh thing" but I was wondering how well
they stay up and if they tend to cut off the circulation. I've seen that there
are two types of thigh things: a strap w/ velcro closure and a pouch sewn on and
an elastic "tube" that goes around your leg and has an inside pocket for the
pump. I'm wondering which would be more likely to stay up - I tend to think the
tube kind would be better b/c the pump wouldn't swing in the hanging pocket -
but I worry that it might not fit or would be bulky.

 Any opinions on the "thigh thing" or other advice on where to put the pump when
wearing something that's tight and has no pockets?

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