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Re: [IP] alcohol

WOW, now that's a weird one April :S My general rule when drinking is to
check my sugars and always have food in my stomach when drinking, I usually
only drink 2 drinks though(I have found these drinks do not mess with my
blood sugars as much), its either Vodka and diet coke(if I have a juice with
carbs I will bolus for it) or Red wine, I do not bolus for the wine, I go
low if I do even though the red wine I drink has carbs.......basically I
have come to the conclusion that alcohol is unpredictable, so just be aware
of your sugars, and make sure all your friends you are out with carry some
fast glucose and know what to do( my g/f had a surprise stagette for me and
EVERYONE flashed chocolate bars that she had made sure they all had, to let
me know it was OK to drink, was kinda cute)
Tami in Tucson
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