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[IP] Environmental & Food Allergies affecting blood sugars

Does anyone on this list have environmental and food allergies that affect
blood glucose control to a great degree and taking allergy medications help
somewhat to lower the insulin needs and even out unexpected reactions that
show in the glucose values?

I'm reading Pumping Insulin and the 500 and 1500 rules are simply not going
to apply, nor is the TDD, all because of severe allergies. When allergy
seasons come around and my immune system decides to overwork a bit, then the
food allergies also become worse. I can only carb-count to a certain degree,
using the correct corresponding insulin dosage of Humalog, and if a food
reaction happens to hit the glucose, then I end up doing an added bolus to
bring it down. The food reaction is unpredictable, one time sneezing and
stuffy nose (using a slice of bread as an example), the next time the
itchies on face and neck, next time hives, and the next time I may get a
huge surge in the sugars. So, during allergy seasons when all this is going
on, I only eat one meal a day and try to be careful to stay away from the
food allergens that are the biggest culprits, i.e. wheat, fish, orange
juice, spinach, etc.

My thinking is that having a pump will only help so much and I am still
going to have to do the corrections when the immune system hits the blood
sugars. I will be able to change the basal profile easily enough when needs
change and believe I will end up doing just as I do now, lots of testing and
correcting. I would be interested in hearing from anyone on a pump that has
the added control problems caused by allergies and if they much prefer the
pump to MID, which is what I just got tired of doing.....5-7 shots a day to
stay in control. Thanks ahead of time, and I will be getting the pump when
the allergy season is over, naturally.

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