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Re: [IP] meter question

Hi Ashley,

> I HATE [the One Touch Ultra] because I usually poke my finger twice
> and use 2-3 test strips because of all the errors I get.

I've been using the Ultra (actually, two of them) for over 1 1/2
years. I do about 7 tests per day. I have encountered, I estimate,
about 20 errors in all that time (almost 4000 tests).

I have noticed one key thing to doing the test with the Ultra. Unlike
the other meters I've owned, the best technique (at least for me)
seems to be to get a drop of blood, approach it to the inserted test
strip edge, and HOLD IT THERE until the countdown starts.

_Every error_ I've ever had was due to the fact that I withdrew my
finger too quickly. (OK, I also had a couple of errors because I tried
to stretch a pinpoint of blood to a test's worth. I can get lazy.)

My advice, then, before you abandon the Ultra, is to try to change the
way you hold your finger to the test strip edge.

Of course, as in all things diabetic, YMMV.

regards, Andy
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