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[IP] Alcohol & Skin Prep

I notice a lot of readers  mention that they take insulin  shots all the time
and there are times that people on the pump also take shots of insulin.
Wiping the intended sight of the insulin shot with alcohol is NOT at all
35 years ago on of my wife's cousin ,an RN from the Netherlands, saw me wiping
alcohol on my injection site.
She explained that in Holland they had done a study  and determined that
alcohol wiping dose nothing at all.
  Do to some special problems  my endocrtinologist has take me off my pump and
put me back on Humalog and Lantas.  I have never had any problems just shoting
it into my arm or stomach.  Yes, I do shower almost daily.
 When I was on the pump I did use alcohol swips to wipe the oil off my skin so
I got the best sticking at my infusion sites.
   Send the money you save on alcohol swips to Insulin Pumpers.org.
 Charles Soderstrom  Dx T1 at age 19, in 1953
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