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[IP] I am so sick of this

In a message dated 5/16/2003 12:16:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> >NO WE DON"T!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We would not have anything we have today with
> >>universal health care!!!
> I guess you might have a point.  But, of course, it's wrong!  The clot
> buster medication I received during my first heart attack was developed in
> Germany, which  has universal health care, ten years before it came into 
> use
> in the US.
> Today, many citizens are now traveling to Canada.  It's a beautiful country
> and to my way of thinking, it has the best food around.  But those people 
> on
> busses are going for medication that costs much less in Canada for the same
> medication to be had in the US.
> Are you still watching those commercials with Harry and his wife?  
> Universal
> Health Insurance does not mean the loss of profit or stimulus to conceive.
> Years ago, these same arguments were used against Medicare.  Most health
> care providers would scream bloody murder if the government tried to turn
> the clock back.
> Let's move ahead and stop living in the past.
> Chris
I think you have made an excellent point.  Thanks so much Chris.  I agree 
totally with your point of view.            Ellie
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