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[IP] Re: Sleepovers

When my child (8) is invited to a sleepover I do the following: First I
consider the parents and if I feel they are responsible enough and will be
paying attention (not a bad think to ask yourself even if they don't have
diabetes). If this feels o.k., then we make certain we talk them through
what they need to know before the party and make certain they are willing to
keep a mental note of what he is eating and when he eats it and that they
remind him to bolus and to make sure he is giving himself insulin. We make
sure that they know he is to test himself between 10 and 11 p.m.(2 hours
after eating)  and that our son is to call us to tell his bg and a list of
what he has eaten and when so that we can properly correct him before he
goes to sleep. Then, in the morning, they need to make sure he tests and
that he again calls us with his bg. This gives him accountability, a check
system, and yet some independence. His friends think it is all kind of cool
and he doesn't feel different at all. Additionally, we are educating the
kids and a new set of parents who are learning to care for our son in the
event that there is an emergency in which we need to leave him somewhere.

One big thing to remember is that unlike parents of kids without diabetes,
when your child has a sleepover, it is not a "free" night for the parents of
the diabetic child. It would be much easier to keep your child home, but the
benefit to your child's social life and sense of independence is well worth
the stress. It also teaches the child that although precautions have to be
taken, training has to occur, and that he does carry more responsibility
than most kids his age, if he is smart about it he can do anything he wants.

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