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[IP] Re: meter question

Ashley, I completely agree with you and have been thinking of doing the exact 
same thing.  I bought a Freestyle meter for $5 a few weeks ago and Claire has 
tried the sample 10 strips.  We might start using this one at home, and keep 
the Ultra to carry around, as I love the Ultra's soft case and the size 
perfectly holds spare H-tron pump batteries, some glucose tabs and even extra 
meter batteries.  Then again, we could go back to using the Glucometer Elite 
which is also very compact, takes a small amount of blood and is extremely 
reliable when tested against the lab.  Downside is the 30 second wait for 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9

> I have a one touch ultra.  I love it because it is so easy to carry around
> with me.  I HATE it because I usually poke my finger twice and use 2-3 test
> strips because of allt the errors I get.  I have heard a lot of people 
> getting
> errors with the ultra.  What else is small, takes a tiny amount of blood, 
> and
> accurate?  I am thinking about getting the freestyle for home use and 
> keeping
> my ultra for my purse.  Is the freestyle any good?  I know they require a 
> tiny
> tiny drop of blood, which I like.
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