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Re: [IP] Desperate need for advice

>Jacqueline HallMM508 

>I am going into surgery on Monday and since I've just moved, I don't have an
>endo and don't know what to do regarding my basil rates. I can't eat 
anything 24
>hours before surgery and the surgery only lasts about an hour. I've been 
>to get hold of my old endo but he's not around at the moment so I'm clueless 
>a little afraid, I don't want to go too low since I can't eat anything but I
>also don't want to go to high. Any advice please??

Are you sure that you can not eat anything for 24 hours? The usual is 12 
hours...like overnight. 

Do you usually have problems going low or high on basals? I am not an expert, 
by far, but doesn't the pump provide "background" insulin and you bolus when 
you eat. Your background insulin should not be causing the lows and highs, 
but like I said, I am not an expert. Just putting forth thoughts and 
questions. Good luck and good health for you. Tina
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