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[IP] Age of diagnosis

 feel very sorry for
> parents/kids diagnosed after 5 or 6 & especially those diagnosed in 
> teens.
> Isn't that pathetic?

I was diagnosed at the age of 13 - about a month after my 13th 
birthday.  I will never forget the secretary coming and getting me out 
of lunch and telling me my mom was on her way to pick me up.  I 
thought oh how cool, I get out of school early today, so I went back 
to enjoying my lunch snacks of chocolate chip cookies and a cinnamon 
roll dripping with frosting and a Coke. Then when I got in the car and 
found out I was on my way to the hospital - that was my breaking 
point.  At least I had a good support system at home, my mom is also a 
T1 (diagnosed at age 40).  This made adjustment much easier, but also 
that my parents did not treat me differently and let me do things a 
normal teenager did.  

T1 18 yrs
pumping 2 years
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