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Re: [IP] meter question

I think I have the same meter requirements as you:
Small, easy to carry, accurate, easy to use,fast, and requires little blood.

I think all meters on the market today are fairly accurate so that's a given.

I too Have the Ultra.
I love the speed and the size of the meter and it's case.
I hate the fact that if you so much as blink during testing, it errors.

I also have the freestyle.
also small and very ergomatic.
 It's Lancet Device is the smallest I've seen (Except for the BD Disposables)and
is my personal favorite.
 The Case is very flat and sturdy but too wide with no pockets for Glucose
tablets, batteries, syringes, etc.
 It uses the smallest drop of blood but because of this, is slow to suck up the
It's speed is variable based on my glucose level, but in general slow.
The vial of strips hold 50 strips - very nice when you test 10 times a day.

I also just got my Minimed BD Meter.
Also pretty small but a little clunky.
I wish the test strip opening was a little more like the Ultra.
When you insert the strip, it feels like it's going to fall out.
 It uses almost as small of a drop of blood as the freestyle and is as fast as
the Ultra without the error codes.
 The Lancet device feels like a nail driver unless you use the ultra fine
It's case is about the same size as the Freestyle's except with pockets.
 I also like the tiny vial the strips come in (About half the size of the
 It has many features I don't bother with but I like the way it has 7 and 14 day
averages and then can break up those averages.
I programmed mine for Morning, afternoon, and Nitetime averages.

 If only I could put the BD with the Freestlye Lancet Device in the Ultra

I tried the Dex4 once, Pitiful.
Hard to use. 
It's in the back of my supply closet somewhere.
I would not even give it away.

OK, that's my Meter review.
Good luck,
John and his small, fast, accurate, easy to carry, and easy to use Paradigm.

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