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[IP] proprietary inf. sets STOP the BASH

    As a long time pumper, I to was mad at a Minimed for proprietary inf.
sets and when Dana with proprietary set TOO. No one has come up with a way
to get around the Paradigm problem.
    But I must Give DANA a THANK YOU for taking the time to listen to the
PUMPERS, when in  a IP chat last year, Dr. Soo Bong Choi M.D., Ph.D who
developed the Dana Diabecare insulin pump was a guest speaker. He ask for
what would the PUMPER like for the pump to do, one of the things was about
Proprietary Set....

   Well in Jan of 2003, Dana came out with a ADAPTOR so that you can USE ANY
SET but the Paradigm set. So it is true the Dana pump luer lock system is a
reverse type  But with the ADAPTOR you CAN USE any set but the Paradigm.
Maybe Minimed will come out with a adaptor too.

> > All the pumps can use different infusion sets, by other manufacturers,
except the Paradigm, which has its own and is not interchangeable. This is
not true. The Dana pump also has a proprietary set since the Luer Lock
system is a reverse type. None of the other sets are compatible with
> it. Now they, too, can be bashed. >
> Jan (63 y/o, dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

    A why do we need to BASH anyone, if you donot like something about a
product take the time to write to the company, I know if 4000plus IP'er
wrote a note to Minimed tell them what they like and did not like about a
product. Someone would take the time to find out why and if it can be fixed.

    There is power in number, have you ask your Rep for your pump or meter
does your company help support Insulin Pumpers. I do and my pump maker does
and my Rep too. Still working on my Meter Rep, and I just maybe change what
meter I use soon. Told my Rep about it.

                            REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY


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