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[IP] RE: Ultra Smart Meter

I have been using the Precision Xtra.  I was very pleased w/ it since it
does both BG and ketone tests, it has a little bulb in the front near where
the strip goes that helps when doing it at night, and the face of the meter
is 'excited' by light so it shines in the dark after being exposed to light
(like those stars that they sell for kids rooms.)  This is the meter my
insurance assigned to me when I was diagnosed.  I am only changing b/c my
strips are now 3rd tier and the Ultra is a 2nd tier prescription co-pay.
I do think its a YMMV.  Last night I used my new Ultra Smart meter (strips
just arrived yesterday)!!!!  I was amazed and shocked on how quick it does a
reading, 5 sec (P. Xtra does it in 20)  I know that the std Ultra also does
it in 5 too but I had never used it.  I like that it would record what
'type' of reading it was (b4 or after what meal, if I felt low, if exercise
was done, if I bolused, I can choose to say if I correct, etc.)  I like that
because I have been very relaxed about writing things down, so even if I can
look back at my pump's memory, I usually cannot remember if I corrected or
ate for that bolus.  I need to get better at writing things down for the
next month or so since I need to tweak my basal and bolus ratios but in
general, the other 11-months of the year, I tend to not write things down
too often.  Actually that was one of the main reasons to go with the Smart
vs. the Std Ultra.  The memory is much larger for the Smart >1K readings vs.
a much smaller number of reading for the Std (can't remember but for me it
was like ~1 week worth of readings - I usually go several weeks before I sit
down and write them down.)
One thing I do not like of Ultras in general is that the strips do not come
individually rapped (Xtra's do come individually rapped in foil.)  I know
this is a very strong YMMV since there might be people out there that do not
have the dexterity to handle the individually rappers but I do not like the
fact that my strips can 'go bad' if the cap is either not tight all the way
or accidentally gets opened in my luggage.  The other thing is that it does
not take ketone measurements and I will have to go back to getting the
peeing sticks since I do not want to carry w/ the Precision Xtra meter all
around taking up space just in the event I need to test ketones.  Oh well, I
guess there is not going to be the 'Eloisa-meter' that has all the things I
want in it since then their target market would a bit :o) limited!
Regarding the partners benefits, Yes I am very fortunate/blessed.  We have
been together for 9 years and only now can we cover each other if need be.
Not every employer offers it but it is an important part of our decision
when deciding to accept a job offer.  Especially now with diabetes, if I
were to loose my job (I am a EE and the technology industry as we all know
is not doing too well) we need to make sure that I can be 'picked up' by her
insurance ASAP since as you all know very few people can afford this disease
on their own.  Her current insurance can cover me in the event I loose my
job but it is expensive and not too diabetic friendly.  The one she is going
too seems to be very friendly for what they said on the interview and the
premiums are less than mine.  That is why we are considering switching to
that one but we are waiting until we get the details.  Like Jan told me, it
will depend on the actual plan provided by the specific employer.  We'll
see, I am learning a lot more about insurance that what I ever cared to
learn before :o)
Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
T1 dx 2/11/02 pumping since 6/02
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Subject: Ultra Smart Meter

Hi Eloisa,
What meter have you been using.  For the last couple of years I have been
using the Life Scan One Touch Ultra and I've been very pleased with it.
I've been downloading my test results with a cable from my meter and via the
infra-red communication port on my pump into a database.  
I'm a gadgetier and couldn't wait until I got my hands on an Ultra Smart.  I
purchased one a couple of months ago and immediately became very
disillusioned.  I sure wish I had not spent the $30 for the meter.  It is
not intuitive, certain steps are too slow, etc.  I went back to my One Touch
Ultra meter(s).  I've had over two decades experience with many different
makes and models of meters and the One Touch Ultra Smart does have the most
features; however, I cannot recommend it.  But, as we always say, YMMV.
I have had no experience with Cigna insurance. You're lucky to live in a
state that will let your partner's health insurance cover you.  Some states
do and some states don't.
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