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Re: [IP] Diagnosis of a young child (kinda long)

> >Your friend is going through natural steps of grieving upon finding out
> that
> >her very young child has something as devastating as T1.
> OK. Now. This is just one post, but there have been others. It is not the
> writer's friend's child who was recently DX'd. It's a playmate of her
> sister-in-law's child.
> We just had a thread with people complaining that a reporter could not get
> the facts correct about diabetes. But people on this list can't get this
> basic fact correct. Do you see now how mistakes can happen? :-)
> Jan and ElvisToo

I will take lashings of a wet noodle for not getting that right!  And, guess
what?  My degree was in Broadcast Journalism!!!!

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