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RE: [IP] meter question

I used the Freestyle from Therasense for about 8 months and now use the
Freestyle Tracker.  I have been very happy with both.

-Justin Turner

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> accurate?  I am thinking about getting the freestyle for home use and 
> keeping
 > my ultra for my purse. Is the freestyle any good? I know they require a
> tiny drop of blood, which I like.
> Thanks,
I use the UltraSmart but I do know that my sister uses the freestyle.  It
does use less blood than the Ultra and does not start counting down until it
has enough blood on the strip. (from my understanding)  The only other one
that I am aware of that uses less blood is the new one by BD.  Any one can
correct me if I have forgotten any that use less blood.  As far as I know
the freestyle is very accurate my sister loves hers.

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