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[IP] ultra smart

 With all this talk about the ultra smart I thought I would give my two
cents opinion. I have had many meters over the years and I think the
one-touch series are very good. I have had the ultra smart for almost
two months now and have had no problems. The meter boots up fast and
gives results back in 5 seconds. It seems to be less sensitive to
temperature as opposed to the fast take that I used to have big problems
with it shutting down in the cold. Adding meals stats, pump bolus', and
exercise are very easy with the quick access buttons across the bottom.
The only thing I don't like is that every ten or fifteen tests, when it
boots up, it actually requires a button push to bring up the testing
menu because it wants you to check the code on the bottle. I have
several times not looked closely at the screen before applying blood and
I get an error because it is not ready to test. Other than that, I find
the pump easy to use. Have a great day.

Eric Geller
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