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Re: [IP] Re: Sleepovers

 I was diagnosed 10 years ago (i was 10 years old). I always was invited to
sleep overs and eventually my mom would let me go. It didn't take too long for
her to feel comfortable with me sleeping over at a friend's house. I actually
didn't even do my own injections for alomst 2 years after being diagnosed (being
scared ot death of needles still) so my mom would come to my friend's house at
dinner to give me my shot and then again in the morning for my next shot.
Finally, I started doing my own injections and at that point i never even had to
ask about sleep overs because I knew my parents were fine with it since I was
doing my own injections and taking care of myself.

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> know this one has been talked about before but was just wondering if I 
> could
> ask what everyone else does when their diabetic child is invited to a
> sleepover

Yes, this has been talked about before. And if you receive answers like I 
remember, you will find that the entire spectrum of response is covered! My 
answer to a sleepover is just "no". In time this will likely change to a 
"yes", but for now I just say that the friends can come to our house. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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