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RE: [IP] meter question

I can't speak for the Freestyle but I know the Accu-chek Advantage is an
extremely accurate meter when compared to lab values and when you use the
comfort curve strips it takes a very small amount of blood. Because of the
way the strip is designed you could also use your arm if you like as it
"sips" the blood from the side of the strip and is slightly curved where the
blood is absorbed at. Also, with the Advantage, it is very forgiving if you
do not get quite enough blood on the strip the first time as it won't start


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I have a one touch ultra.  I love it because it is so easy to carry around
with me.  I HATE it because I usually poke my finger twice and use 2-3 test
strips because of allt the errors I get.  I have heard a lot of people
errors with the ultra.  What else is small, takes a tiny amount of blood,
accurate?  I am thinking about getting the freestyle for home use and
my ultra for my purse.  Is the freestyle any good?  I know they require a
tiny drop of blood, which I like.
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