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Re: [IP] meter question

> I have a one touch ultra.  I love it because it is so easy to carry around
> with me.  I HATE it because I usually poke my finger twice and use 2-3
> strips because of allt the errors I get.  I have heard a lot of people
> errors with the ultra.  What else is small, takes a tiny amount of blood,
> accurate?  I am thinking about getting the freestyle for home use and
> my ultra for my purse.  Is the freestyle any good?  I know they require a
> tiny drop of blood, which I like.

i still stick mostly with the ultra, because it's quite small, doesn't need
much blood, but i can't agree with you more about the error problem.  it's
especially frustrating when i'm low, and it's hard to gauge if i've got the
right amount of blood.  and then there are some days where it doesn't seem
to suck up the blood properly.  bleah!

on the other hand, it's still better (imo) than the precision xtra.  that
thing just drove me nuts.  fortunately, like all my other meters, i got it
free, so if anyone wants it (i used the 10 free test strips), just email me
off-list, and you can have it!

liz - ottawa, where we actually got a good look at last night's eclipse
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