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Re: [IP] Re: Diagnosis of a young child (kinda long)

. I feel very sorry for
> parents/kids diagnosed after 5 or 6 & especially those diagnosed in the
> teens.
> Isn't that pathetic?

no, as long as you include us dx'd as adults in the group needing some pity.
we may not have all the problems that younger dm's do, but it makes a
complete mess of things.  while the younger dm's have parental support, we
may not live with parents (or anyone else), which means we're having to deal
with the blood testing, shots, etc, on our own.  there's also that
assumption people make that you must be type 2 (ergo, doing something wrong)
which can cause some annoying situations.  and then there's the habits we're
into, which can be really traumatic (not quite the mot-juste, but it comes
close) to have to change.
now, on the other hand, i'd never have wanted my mother or father to be
giving me needles.  i probably wouldn't have had a choice if i was quite
young, but i think i would have been a very angry kid.

somedays, i just want to have a very big tantrum.
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