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[IP] re: sleepovers- a child's POV

I remember being 8 with 1 year of diabetes underr my belt.  My dad was a
nervous wreck.  All he cared about was if I were ok.  I started sleeping out
when I was about 10 or 12.  I know if I was denied that privlidge because of
diabetes and all my other "normal" friends got to go, I'd be crushed.  Here is
what we did:
Each sleepover, my dad called the parents and told them about my diabetes and
told them to set their alarm clocks for 7 am and make sure I tested b4 I went
to sleep, dinnertime, etc.  He instructed them what to do if I had a low bg.
I was always included.  And my friend's parents were really helpful and all
they wanted was for me to fit in and NOT feel so different.  We had a lot of
success.  No major reactions at sleepovers.  My dad wanted my blood sugars in
the high 100's while not at home.  My doctor said this was ok, just not in the
200's and don't do it every night.  Please don't make your child feel excluded
because of diabetes.  It doesn't have to be that way.
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