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[IP] ReQuestions regarding infus. sets

    I am not ten but maybe called lean and have found the 6mm QS to work
more consistently than the 9mms-that is the BGs are more stable.
    You will feel a difference when the introducer needle goes into muscle.
Sometimes there is discomfort , but not always. Have you ever received an IM
shot? There is a certain needle awareness and a fullness as the fluid goes
in. Neither of these feelings are there in SC injections. I have found bent
or crimped canulas in SC insertions so they are not a necessary indication
of muscle trouble.
    When you get these unexplained highs you might try a period of syringe
shots. If things jump back to the expected numbers a site change might be
justified. I am assuming that you are checking for such things as bubbles
and actual delivery with a disconnect.     Peter


> Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 09:53:06 -0400
> From: "Melvin & Debbie Crawford" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Question regarding infusion sets
> I have another question and a comment and hopefully some of you can help me
> to understand this subject better.  Many of you mention that the reason for
> switching infusion sets or for getting a different depth of cannula is
> because of "hitting muscle".  How would you know if you were hitting muscle?
> My son, 10 years old, is rather lean, but he seems to have enough sub-q fat
> on his waist, hips and buttocks. I have not noticed a bend or crimp when we
> remove the sets.  I am still wondering if our infusion set depth is too deep
> or not deep enough.  We use the Quick Set - 9mm.  My question arises from
> this:  a day of great BG's and then all of a sudden a reading  in the 300's,
> then another couple of good readings, and another reading of high 200's.  I
> am watching the food he eats, there is not a pattern there as far as high
> fat or high fiber foods, he isn't dealing with major stresses.  We use
> Novolog and used it with NPH and it always did a good job of bringing BG's
> down.  So, I am wondering if there are times when the insulin is just not
> getting in for some reason.  How can you know?   Should we go with another
> infusion set just to see if we get more consistent readings?  I am just not
> sure and find myself second-guessing everytime I get a reading that doesn't
> make sense.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
> Debbie Crawford
> Kendall, dx'd 11/99, Deltec Cozmo for 3 weeks
> email @ redacted
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