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Re: [IP] Sleepovers

HI.  This is Sylvia, mom to Joshua.  He is now 11+.  He has gone on a few 
sleepovers.  I usually will take the time to explain to the hosting parent 
some of Josh's needs and that I generally will like to get a phone call from 
him at bedtime (this is usually around 10-11PM at a sleepover)  At that time 
Josh will check his BGs and based on what his number is we will determine 
whether he needs a snack or a bolus or what.  Then I require that Josh calls 
me in the morning when he gets up and lets me know what his BG is at that 
time.  Just so I can know.

The great thing about the pump is that if you are really nervous about it you 
can do a basal decrease for the night to hopefully ensure higher BGs during 
the sleepover.  Then in the AM a high BG bolus can be given and all is well.

Oh, and for you mom......it will mean very LITTLE sleep...at least for THIS 
mom it does.  Unless I'm fortunate enough to have Josh sleeping over at 
another DMer's house.  Then I sleep like a baby..........THANKS 

It is important to allow your child to participate in these types of events, 
so long as s/he is old enough.  And if the hosting parents are comfortable 
with the situation and know you are only a phone call away, then there 
shouldn't be too much trouble!

Good Luck!!

mom to Joshua
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