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Re: [IP] Sleepovers

In a message email @ redacted writes:

> I know this won't be the answer you're looking for, but I don't send my son 
> for sleepovers.  Like I tell my son, you can get together really early and 
> stay till really late.
> Or better yet, you have the sleepover.
> Just my thoughts,
> Anna


I am going to assume your son has diabetes. Why won't you allow your son to 
spend the night at a friend's house? Eventually your son is going to have to 
take 100% responsibility of his disease. Allowing your child to go to a 
friend's house whose parents you trust is a good steping stone. When I was 
first diagnosed I love to spend the night at my aunt's house with my cousin 
(from a different aunt). We would stay up later then my mom would allow and 
watch movies like Sound of Music. My mom taught my family memebers how to 
care for me. She was never more then a phone call away. So if anything 
happend it was easy for her to handle the situation. I am so thankful my mom 
did this for me because it was a safety net that I needed. I have taken 100% 
control of my diabetes since I was a freshman in high school. Now, here I am 
in my own apartment in Chicago 1,000 miles away. My mom is still a phone call 
away when I cant figure out what is going on with my diabetes. A simple thing 
like letting me spend the night out at a friends helped create the confidence 
 i needed to take control and responsibility of this g.d. disease.

sorry for my little rant

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992 --- wooohooo i'll be 22 on monday!
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