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Re: [IP] Sleepovers

Now that Jenny is 14, she handles things herself and usually lets 
herself run a little high to avoid the embarrassment of a low. Until 
this year, I had her call me at 10:00 p.m. or so we could consult on the 
correction bolus that might be needed. I also made sure the parents had 
a 5 minute training so they would recognize symptoms of a low. I told 
them to give her a boxed juice and call me if Jenny felt low. I also 
asked them to remind Jenny to check glucose at meals and bedtime.

It is hard to let go. Jenny's starting high school and after school 
sports  has forced me to let go.  She does fine when I'm not around most 
of the time now.


Pat Bannon wrote:

>I know this one has been talked about before but was just wondering if I could
>ask what everyone else does when their diabetic child is invited to a
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