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Here's a good book for teens with type 1, reviewed by the 
ChildrenWithDiabetes website staff:

In Control -- A Guide for Teens with Diabetes by Jean Betschart, M.N., 
R.N., C.D.E. and Susan Thom, R.D., L.D., C.D.E. 1995. ISBN 1-56561-061-X.

Life with diabetes is a challenge. Life as a teenager is a challenge. 
Combining the two makes for an enormous challenge. In Control -- A Guide 
for Teens with Diabetes is the best book I've seen that addresses the 
concerns and issues of teens. It doesn't mince words or skip topics that 
some parents might find uncomfortable, like alcohol use, drugs and 
sexuality. But diabetes is serious business, and knowledge is what makes it 
possible to manage diabetes successfully.
If you are a teen with diabetes, or the parent of a teenager with diabetes, 
this book belongs in your library. There's important guidelines for 
parents, too, including this story:
My mother and I went downtown to Christmas shop and the local Kress store 
had a turkey dinner special. As we sat down to eat, my mother loudly 
announced to the waitress that her son had diabetes and that she would be 
very pleased if they would put less gravy on the potatoes and be sure to 
leave off any cranberry sauce. I remember looking around and it seemed like 
several thousand people were all staring at me and a couple of people 
actually moved away out of fear that they might develop diabetes. After 
eating, my mother and I left the store and were waiting to cross the street 
when I turned to her and told her that I never wanted her to ever embarass 
me again about my diabetes. I was smart enough to scrape the gravy off my 
potatoes, not eat the cranberry sauce, and eat only a portion of the food, 
and I didn't need her to announce all of this to the world and embarass me. 
Her response was that since I had such a big mouth and seemed to know it 
all, she would back out of any involvement in what I ate and let me take 
care of myself. Surprisingly, she did! That was 43 years ago, and again, it 
was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
In Control -- A Guide for Teens with Diabetes is part of the Juvenile 
Diabetes Foundation Library. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of 
this books goes to the JDF.


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