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[IP] Warranty Expiring Soon/ Tricare Prime

I was wondering what most people do when their warranties expire.  Do many
have their doctor write a letter of medical necessity stating a reason to
upgrade, or do you just stick with the old one until it dies?  My daughter
has been using the H-tron plus for 4 years, and we both love it.  Our
insurance is military, Tricare Prime.  I suppose we will be getting an alarm
to send the pump in for a technical inspection anytime now. Would anyone
know Tricare's policy for costs incurred?  We don't really feel the need to
upgrade, except that I don't want the pump to die one day, leaving us with a
probable long battle with Tricare to get a new one.  I think I'd almost
rather fight the battle now while it's not an emergency.  If we do try to
claim medical necessity requiring an upgrade, I don't know how we'll justify
it.  Any insight anybody can provide would be appreciated.

Mary, Kelly's Mom
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