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Re: [IP] Reply I rec'd to Myth Story

In a message dated 5/13/03 8:38:27 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> >The Tribune writer responded to my post. She was very defensive,
> Jan,
> I sent a letter, too, in a different vein.  My basic point was that the
> article was unclear about which kind of diabetic crisis event the woman was
> having, and that, while it majored on the emotionalism of the story, was
> totally lacking in the factual department.  I said that was not good for
> journalism at all.

Well, I suspect I"m going to make a lot of you real unhappy. As a former 
reporter for a daily newspaper, I can tell you that a short, gentle 
correction does a lot more good than a long, detailed "hit 'em over the head" 

Most newspapers a short-staffed, especially in small- to medium-sized towns 
such as South Bend. Reporters are taking obits, doing rewrites and covering 
several stories per day and there is hardly time to breathe. It's wonderful 
if a reporter is assigned to a story where the background is understood, but 
that doesn't always happen. The person is doing the best he or she can, but 
does not have the time to do the indepth study of the disease, as we *have* 

And, be honest -- how much did you know about diabetes before you were 

In the newsrooms I worked in, we learned to mutter, "just let *them* try it!" 
when we got a reprimand from a reader for getting a fact incorrect or letting 
a typo go through. And would calmly write our correction to go in the next 
day's edition.

Jan and ElvisToo
(who still messes up on occasion, despite trhing very hard to get it right -- 
even though she now writes about diabetes exclusively)
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