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Re: [IP] I am so sick of this!!!

> there anyone or anything that will help?  I will not live like this anymore.
> Why can't I just be normal?  oh, someone please help me

Sorry I don't have a cure all but I do know how frustrating it can be.  This
last year my family had to go to the state and ask for help while my husband
finished college.  He had been laid off his job and nobody would hire him
because he did not have a bachelors degree yet.  So after much discussion we
went to the state to see if there would be any help during this last year.
(He did double up on class load taking 19 and 18 credits each semester) They
did give us insurance help that only lasts a year but it did help.
Sometimes you just need to scream your head off and it will help you feel

My father-in-law called this morning saying that he did not feel very well
and he thought that he was getting sick. (It will be the year anniversary of
my mother-in-law dying this month) while I was talking he started to tear
down the wall in his house (was going to do this anyway to get rid of the
plaster and put up sheetrock) after doing this for a few minutes he said
"You know, I think that I feel better now"   we decided it was great anger
management therapy and frustration management therapy.  Sometimes it just
helps to vent.  I do not have anything that I can tell you that will make it
easier except take it one day at a time and hope that things will improve.
If you need to vent feel free we will listen and maybe give you more advise
than you need.

I really do hope that things will start to get better in the future.

Whose husband has 6 credits left to take over the summer and he will be all
done.  YAH HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then he can get a real job, hopefully with great
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