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[IP] Re: Retinopathy/Be careful!

I say, just make sure you need the surgery.  A few weeks ago I posted on how I
had two differing opinions.  One doctor said I had major Proliferative
retinopathy, while the other said I did not.  The first fella said there was a
huge pool of blood in my eye, and there really wasn't (and if there was, I
would most likely have seen it because I usually do.)

The "surgery happy" doctor wanted to do immediate scatter laser at 1500
blasts.  He did not discuss the true condition of my eye, nor did he talk
about side effects etc.  I left his office choosing not to schedule the
surgery until I got a second opinion. Three times they put me on the surgery
schedule without my knowledge or consent.  As late as yesterday I received my
fourth call asking when I would like to reschedule that surgery. On one of the
calls the girl actually asked me, "Does this mean you're not coming?" Even CDE
who works in that facility (and is a type I) said she wouldn't do it either.

Yes, the laser can save your eyesight, but like my "good" doctor said--once it
is done, it cannot be undone. There are side-effects and scarring can result.
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