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Re:[IP] Medicare

I spoke to my insurance company this week and they said they would pay 20% of
the cost of a replacement pump and Medicare would pay 80%. I also spoke to
Medtronic MiniMed today. They said it would be a refurbished pump due to
"Medicare regulations" which (Medtronic MM) said is all Medicare allows unless
I developed a new problem which would prohibit me from using the same kind of
pump that I was on when I went on Medicare in 2004. If it is really Medtronic
MiniMed policy due to cost; what phone number can I call to check with other
pump manufacturers. I would like to know if I can make a decision to change
brands after I am on Medicare. I am unable to find someone at Medicare who can
speak on these issues. Has anyone talked to Medicare about this subject?
Phyllis email @ redacted

  Subject: [IP] Medicare

  In a message dated 5/14/03 9:35:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
  email @ redacted writes:

  > When I was looking into pumps last Fall Medtronic told me the Paradigm
  > not covered, but the 508 was covered.
  > Shirley
  That's Medtronic's policy not Medicare's.  Medicare only specifies how much
  it will allow for a pump.  It doesn't care which one.  Medtromic's policy
  always been to offer it's older model for Medicare.  That's also why
  Disetronic allows only one pump under Medicare instead of the customary two.
  The only thing Medicare cares about is that a patient meets it's criterion
  qualify for a pump.  Which pump or how many is of no concern to Medicare as
  long as the patient qualifies and the seller is willing to accept Medicare
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