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Re: [IP] After Warranty Is Up

> > So, how long does a pump last?  What's the longest some of you long-time
> > pumpers have used a pump until it died and you got a new one?

I have used two pumps, MM504 and MM507 since August of 1990.  I replaced the
504 right close to the end of the year in '96 or '97, I'm not sure which.  I
replaced the 504 due to a need for more than four basal rates in a 24 hour
period, but it was still working just fine.

I am probably days away from replacing my 507, but not due to its failure.
It is still working just fine.  In my experience, they can go 6 or 7 years
with no problems, but this as a HUGE YMMV issue, as some people have gone
through numerous pumps during the warranty period!

I have heard of someone using one of the Disetronic two pump models for
eight plus years.  Naturally, they aren't both getting used the entire time,
but they are clearly lasting quite well, as neither has needed repairs.


dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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