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RE: [IP] I am so sick of this!!!

Ashley wrote:

It is not my fault for getting diabetes when I was 7! >

You're right, it's not your fault, nor anyone else's, it happens and we all
learn to deal. There are other things worse than diabetes out there, though
you may not think so at the moment. It stinks, yes, and many, many times
it's hard, and we get tired of all the attention we pay to this disease,
also the cost.

We can't change what is and we have a choice, to ignore and complain,
feeling sorry for ourselves, or pick ourselves up and fight the battle
daily, through thick and thin. I'm 59 and have had it all my life and
sometimes I even get down about it, but I try to turn any negative thoughts
I have into positive ones, and count my blessings. Ashley, us older kids
know that it will all work out for you in the end, you just have to get
through the down times and start looking forward to a new life. I bet six
months from now you will be thinking differently and meanwhile, we have
insulin, and that sure beats a hundred years ago.

Try to put a smile on that face of yours.....you are young and have a life
ahead of you, and soon a new husband. Best to the both of you.

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