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Re: [IP] re: oops!

 email @ redacted writes:

> Humalog came out in 1996 if anyone would like to check with Lilly. I
> couldn't wait to get off the Regular and managed to get the first bottle of
> the Humalog in our area.
> Margo

Its funny. I went to go see my endo and he was telling me about this new 
insulin that he had gotten early. I got a bottle and an rx that day. I used 
the bottle, loved it. So my mom went to get the rxed filled... and it wasn't 
even available yet!  This was in the summer of 1996 maybe... i know i was in 
the early years of high school. I love humalog! I have never had a problem 
with it even in the chicago summers or  laying out on the beach back home in 
San Diego. 

Sorry, just a random humalog story.

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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