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RE: [IP] re: oops!

Ah, another diabetic who loved the Regular. It was sooooo consistent in it's
action that no matter what I did nor how I timed it it was anyone's guess as
to what happened! I hated Regular
with a passion, which is why I was the first in this area to get the
Humalog....what Heaven.
That's the reason I know the year....first time I used Humalog I couldn't
believe how I felt....
almost went into shock it worked so well!

Here's another one. My dog gets diabetes and we use two shots of NPH as per
vet instructions. No go as it only gives 4 hours duration. We end up using
Lantus for basal but the vet, not being used to this particular way of doing
things, insists I use Regular to cover his meals. Guess what
everyone......it's just as bad in dogs as it is in people! Never knew what
was going to happen.
He's now on the Humalog mix 75/25, as they have a longer time for
metabolizing food, and it is
working super, with no surprises.

Well, you sure took care of your doctor in short order. It pays to read the
diabetes magazines, because you get heads-up on many things such as the
Humalog, Rezulin, etc.


 And I can't believe I used Regular for 1.5 years
before I heard about Humalog!(it was March 2000 before
I started)Why my supposidly "enlightened" ped endo
didn't start me on it,I'll never know.I hated
regular,regular hated me(+ it should have been a no
brainer!)...when I heard about humalog,I marched into
my endo's office + informed him I WAS going to
switch,fortuently he was agreeable..
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